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Mine this ActivGraphic℠, brought to you by Servum, LLC, for nuggets of information about Cisco smart government solutions!

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This video showcases Cisco ACI Anywhere, a unique solution that helps you take control of data center management. It has all the simplicity of a remote control, enabling you to manage a vast array of products and complexities from anywhere, any time. To learn more, contact Servum, LLC for further details.

This informative datasheet brought to you by Servum, LLC highlights the HP EliteBook 840 G7 Notebook’s noteworthy features and specs, including its compact size, powerful components, and advanced features that enable you to confidently navigate your day.

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Microsoft Surface and Microsoft 365 were made to go together as the ultimate collaborative tool for working professionals. This flyer provides details on how hardware and software combine to create a productive ecosystem. For more details, please reach out to Servum, LLC today.

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If you’re reading this, then chances are that getting easy access to clean, running water isn’t an issue for you. But for around 43 percent of the world’s total population, this simply is not the case. For them, obtaining the drinkable water they need to sustain their families requires hard work and commitment.

To make matters even more critical, most of them live in rural areas in which farming is their main source of income. This means that any available water must be carefully distributed between their crops and family, an exhausting situation that can take all day just to keep a small patch of land in farmable condition.

Such is the case for Monica, a Kenyan farmer who every day must assume the roles of mother of four, farmer, merchant, and housekeeper just to make ends meet. In this video, you’ll learn how she managed her dwindling water supply to keep her farm yielding, family fed, and trade at the local market—a situation that was soon to improve dramatically thanks to modern technology.

How do you create brand loyalty? In other words, how do you make customers trust your business based on objective reasons that go beyond just brand recognition? To be fair, there is no single answer to this question, but if we’ve learned anything from the digital age, it’s that giving your customers unwavering support and optimizing your products based on their feedback can go a long way to ensuring a business’ survival.

So how are today’s leading enterprises gathering data to obtain accurate insights into their customers to create new products and services? And, more importantly, how can your organization learn from their success to disrupt the market and become a top player in the industry?

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Securing your systems with a data driven, human guided security approach allows you to detect and respond to attacks more quickly and accurately. This infographic outlines how the global network of real time threat intelligence from Microsoft continues to evolve, anticipate, and stay ahead of risks.

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More organizations are using virtual environments to increase productivity and save money. Learn about the benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop.

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The United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative Limited (UFA) is a prominent agriculture Co-operative that supplies a variety of services and products to its customers. UFA hit a roadblock when its on-premises SAP infrastructure began slowing productivity and creating errors, so they approached Microsoft for help. UFA migrated their SAP to Microsoft Azure in just over a month, eliminating performance issues, reducing software implementation times, and gaining scalability.

This data sheet discusses the security, flexibility, and scalability of Cisco Business 100 Series Mesh Extenders. It also explains how, in conjunction with Cisco Business access points, they provide seamless coverage and expanded capacity. For more information about Cisco Business 100 Series Mesh Extenders, please contact Servum, LLC.

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