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Growing populations require increasing amounts of food, so farmers must become as efficient as possible with the resources they have. This means leveraging every tool available to avoid fluctuations in yield output by powering farms with smart technologies that give farmers instant access to accurate data about their operations. From soil-measuring IoT devices to solar-powered irrigation, digital transformation technologies provide the modern farming industry with tools to power growth and increase sustainability worldwide.

Subscribe now to learn how smart farming can lead to higher-yield, environmentally friendly operations and how you can get started with Microsoft Azure AI.

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Learn how the Spanish Red Cross is leveraging Microsoft technology to unite data sources, drive insights, and forecast demand for critical humanitarian services.

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Watch this webinar to learn how low-code platforms like Microsoft Power Apps empower all developers to unleash innovation and drive growth. Discover how to engage and leverage your team in a pro developer scarcity climate. Microsoft and Forrester Research speakers lead the discussion. Sign up here.

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Learn how the Spanish Red Cross is leveraging Microsoft technology to unite data sources, drive insights, and forecast demand for critical humanitarian services.

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This infographic provides 5 tips to help small business owners and their employees secure and productive as they transition into remote working environments. To learn more, Servum, LLC for further details.

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This video showcases the Z by HP line of monitors, a reimagined lineup of displays that offers features including high-definition resolution, low blue light for reduced eye strain, sustainable design, and more. If you would like further details, please contact Servum, LLC today.

This datasheet, brought to you by Servum, LLC, covers the key features and specs of the Samsung Chromebook 4+ laptop.

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This webinar series covers the concepts, strategies, and advantages for the modernization of a nonprofit organization’s entire data estate. Subjects include data warehousing, reporting, analytics, Machine Learning/AI, and more. Join  Stephen Green  as he covers some of the most popular subjects for nonprofit organizations’ digital transformation.

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In this video, see how the HP EliteDesk 800 G6 Desktop Mini PC delivers powerful computing capabilities in an ultra-compact package. Mount the device on the back of the display for a zero footprint, coordinate up to 7 displays in tandem, handle VR graphics, and experience its HP Run Quiet Design. The EliteDesk 800 is part of the most sustainable, most secure, most manageable PC portfolio—from HP. For more information, contact Servum, LLC 

This spectacular video introduces the Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 for Business with its sleek design, speed, and exceptionally long battery life—as well as its built-in HD camera, Studio Mics, and immersive Dolby Atmos® audio. Please contact Servum, LLC for more information about the Surface Laptop 4 for Business.