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Many businesses still implement legacy technology and traditional processes, but AI is transforming the playing field. In this blog post, a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance Manager writes about how Finance Insights works to reliably predict customer payments, adapts quickly with intelligent budget proposals, and increases projected cash flow.

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Optimizing resources is a top priority in the farming industry. As farmable land gets more utilized and population increases, the need to do more with less becomes a crucial competitive advantage. Luckily, today’s farmers have various digital tools at their disposal such as automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that allow them to increase yields while lowering their water and electricity consumptions levels.

Subscribe now to learn how independent farmers around the world are leveraging Microsoft technology powered by solar energy to increase and stabilize their income, and how you, too, can get started with Azure AI.

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This blog outlines the latest Microsoft 365 updates that make life easier for the IT admins  who  help provision and manage corporate Windows and Mac machines.

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Qatari shipping and maritime company Nakilat has one of the world’s largest fleets of liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers, transporting LNG from Qatar to global markets. To increase its competitive advantage, Nakilat wanted to improve employee productivity and mobility, without compromising on data security. It uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Cloud App Security to deliver highly secure cloud-first workplaces—shipboard and in the office. Nakilat also adopted the Microsoft Azure platform to optimize its operations and improve business continuity, reducing operating costs by 50 percent. See more in this video.

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Find out how one global company removed outdated, legacy systems and truly transformed the way they ran their business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Quickly outgrowing their disjointed systems, Wild & Wolf desperately needed a single platform to use across all their businesses.

This video introduces Cisco’s recent benchmark study, which is compiled from research gathered from more than 2,800 security and IT professionals in 13 countries. For additional details, please reach out to Servum, LLC today.

This article discusses 3 privacy trends that educational institutions need to be aware of in maintaining a secure online environment. Please contact Servum, LLC for more information about emerging threats to privacy in education.

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This blog post, brought to you by Servum, LLC, details the projected increase in global government IT spending set to take place in 2021 and the reasons behind it.

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This datasheet showcases the ZBook Create G7, a laptop powerful enough to handle VR and AR environments. For additional details, please contact Servum, LLC today.

View: HP ZBook Create G7

This flyer introduces the Surface Laptop Go and lists some of its most important features. It also discusses the Surface Laptop Go’s ability to maximize the organization’s investment in Microsoft 365, Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Mobility + Security, and Office 365 apps. Please contact Servum, LLC for more information about the Surface Laptop Go’s ability to maximize the organization’s investment in Microsoft 365, Windows 10 Pro, Microsoft Mobility + Security, and Office 365 apps.

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