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Why Us?

Here are the reasons to choose us.

We are your local Computer support services company.

With a Managed Services agreement we can assure the following.

  • We are High Demand / High Availability
    • What does this mean? We operate 24/7/365. Our company’s entire focus is on mitigating, eliminating and preventing system downtime for our clients. All of our services and solutions revolve around this approach.
  • We are Truly Flat-Rate IT
    • What does this mean? We do not charge labor in any form or fashion. You will not see out of scope labor, hourly rate sheets or hidden charges in our agreements. Anywhere. Period.
    • How do I compare your model vs. competition? Ask your provider the following questions:
      • How is your contract structured? Is there anything that you charge extra for?
      • Do you charge us onboarding or project fees? What about labor for system upgrades, office moves or installing new equipment?
      • Does your monthly fee go up and down based on what you’re supporting? How so?
    • What are the benefits?
      • Our business interests (uptime) are aligned.
      • We trade a static amount of money for an unlimited amount of time.
      • You reward us by giving us your business. We reward you by taking all the risk. If we can manage your infrastructure and we can make it run smooth, we are profitable. Conversely If we have to come out every day, we are not.
    • Why is paying hourly for IT support such a bad idea?
      • It places a fundamental conflict of interest between you and the hourly IT fi They don’t have incentive to resolve problems quickly because they’re getting paid by the hour. The more problems you have, the more they profit.
      • All the risk of unforeseen circumstances, scope creep, learning curve inefficiencies and outright incompetence are shifted to you.
      • They have zero incentive to properly manage the time spent and efficiency of a technician assigned to fix a problem.
      • You are responsible for tracking the hours they’ve worked to make sure you aren’t getting overbilled.
      • You often have no way of really knowing if they’ve worked the hours they say they have.
  • We are your IT Department, not your Outsourced IT Guy
    • What does this mean? With most IT companies, you get unpredictable costs and finger pointing when it comes to your IT. With an in-house IT department, you would pay an IT guy a fixed amount of money every month and you have them manage all your IT. Our model reflects that same paradigm.
    • What are the benefits?
      • We take ownership over all IT issues.
      • Your costs are normalized and stable.
  • Our Pricing is Predictable and Transparent
    • What does this mean? Most MSPs will come in and quote a vague, lump sum number for your monthly fee. You have no way to forecast and project how that fee would change should you grow or contract.If you look at our agreement you’ll see that each computer has a cost associated with it as well as the servers.
    • The only way our monthly agreement price changes is if you grow or you contract. For example, you hire a new employee who needs a new laptop set up. If you lose an employee, our pricing will automatically adjust.
    • What are the benefits?
      • No more haggling over your monthly fee when things change
      • Mountain Valley Principle: You can forecast and project your future costs as your business grows (or contracts) — we grow and contract with you.
      • You’re not held hostage by an agreement and cost structure that’s impossible to understand.
  • We cover IT. You grow your business.
    • We are serious about superior IT support. We leverage the combined skills, expertise, and knowledge of hundreds of IT companies to tackle your IT problems quickly so you can simply focus on growing your business.
  • Call us today! (614) 686-3860 or [email protected]